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The M2C Galaxy Cluster Database

NEW! The new version of MCXC (MCXC-II) is on its way to being released with several significant updates, including the RGXCC dataset. A new catalogue is temporarily downloadable via this link (FITS file, 2.3 MB) while the database is being updated. The preprint of the paper is available on arXiv (link).

This website provides comprehensive access to meta-catalogues of galaxy clusters and cluster candidates detected in X-ray or Sunyaev Zel’dovich surveys, and associated multi-wavelength information. The master table contains 5072 entries.

For a subset of the master table, we provide additional detailed X-ray properties based on pointed XMM-Newton observations.

Objects can be queried by name or near position (cone search). Samples can be constructed by imposing constraints, including on position, original survey name, and detection wavelength; on parameters such as redshift and mass; and more generally on any parameters in the component catalogues and meta-catalogues. Output can be obtained in various formats and can include tables, constructed from the information in the data base, and images.

This database has been constructed as part of the ERC project M2C (The Most Massive Clusters across cosmic time, ERC-Adv grant No. 340519). It has also benefitted from support from the CEA; the French space agency, CNES; and the PNCG (Programme National Cosmologie et evolution des Galaxies).